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QR code / NFC tag

To scan it you just need to open your phone camera and point it to the unique QR code or just use NFC tag. No need to install yet another app.

Check sample menu

Complete personalisation

Menu suited to your needs. Every element is adjustable. Your logo, pictures, accent Colors - full personalisation of the look. On top of that schedules menuis and categories, which allow for easy configuration of breakfast menus, seasonal products or changes in meal availability. Bon appetit!

Just a few clicks away

Simple and intuitive panel, which allows for effective managing of the whole restaurant. Adding new dishes to the menu has never been this easy nor quick. Sold out? Not a problem, just a click. No printing, no crossing out - no problem.

Menu available for everyone

Provide access to your menu to everyone who needs it. Use our user-friendly link in your social media and wherever else you might need. Your name

What else?

Scheduling menus and categories.

Scheduling menus and categories

Multiple menu's (seasonal, breakfast).

Multiple menu's (seasonal, breakfast)

Multilingual menu.

Multilingual menu

Instant change in dish avaliability.

Instant change in dish avaliability

Restaurant profile.

Restaurant profile

Social media integration.

Social media integration

Menu available under a user-friendly internet addres.

Menu available under a user-friendly internet addres

QR codes.

QR codes

NFC tags.

NFC tags

Without the need to install any apps.

Without the need to install any apps

A cloud-based solution.

A cloud-based solution

Environment friendly solution.

Environment friendly solution

Ready for a delicious and always up-to-date menu?

All you need to do is enter the name of the restaurant and e-mail address
where access to the control panel will be sent.

Thank you for your order!

Within the next 24 hours you will have access to the control panel for your restaurant.

You can order QR codes in the form of ready-made stickers here
or you can print them yourself.

Your team


Hey, waiter!

Overcome their expectations, because waiting is no longer cool.

See how staff can is accessible within a single tap

Ordering to the table

Ordering and re-ordering right to the table. No more waiting, no more overworked waiters.

See how ordering to the table works

Frequently asked questions was created with gastronomic background in mind, but it is perfectly suited to work in the hotel business as well, cinemas, theatres and even airlines. The idea to sell "in the house", "for takeaway" or "with delivery" allows not only for the improvement of services already provided, but also to fill in the gaps and offer completely new ways of sell products and services. It is not an exaggeration to say that can be suited to any kind of business which deals with instant sales, especially the gastronomic sector.

No, works without the need to install anything on your device. It is enough that your guests use their phone camera (which allows for scanning the QR code) or just use NFC tag. If the device doesn't allow for such scanning then we invite you to where a special scanner is made available. Internet access is also a must. does not take away your interaction with guests, if anything - it makes it even stronger. When ordering inside a restaurant, your waiters take as much part in the process of ordering as they would traditionally. The process of placing an order has been designed in such a way to mimic the classic interaction between guests and waiters with pressure put on points where it could be made better. Thanks to this approach guests have access to waiters whenever they need it. Waiters on the other hand, know exactly what kind of needs their guests have and can react properly and timely.

The amount of time waiters need to put into collecting an order the traditional way is bigger in comparison to the time needed to na attend apetitio. Our staff panel provides waiters with all necessary information presented in a clear manner. Waiters will be able to immediately pass the orders to the kitchen or transfer it into POS. Time saved can be used on other activities, which will translate to better quality of service. Areas selected within the restaurant won't require one person to be specifically dedicated to attend - each waiter can be responsible for their own area. There is no danger in creating a workload that's too big. If anything - there will be less work and it will be more pleasurable.

No, your guests will not be charged any extra fees when ordering with You don't pay any fees when your guests order via inside the restaurant.

Of course. Although the process of ordering in a restaurant with big staffing won't be as attractive, the possibility to make multiple orders or call the waiter remains a big pro. apetitio puts an end to the morbid search of waiters and slightly rude waves or winks - all thanks to our feature. Payment can also be made in a discrete and instant manner, a guarantee of an even better restaurant experience. provides multiple advantages for both - the owners and guests. Our features available in the restaurant and in our takeaway model create a positive look for the restaurant, showing that its owners put their guests first. The respect for time is a quality which cannot be overestimated in the current day.